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Our mission is to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as you can while visiting our studio, where everyone is treated equally special and given the attention they deserve.


We are a small team with a couple of dogs, who aim to please you as best we can.

We only use Australian environmentally friendly products

that will limit your exposure to chemicals so we can keep you safe.


We reward you every time you trust us with your hair,

purchase our products and even when you refer a friend.

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The studio has a natural warm  look created with recycled timbers. 
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The basin area has comfortable recliner chairs to help support your back and neck during treatments.
Yes... we have dogs.
Clean, friendly, welcoming, well-trained pooches.
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And of course we are upstairs in the centre of the city, and for those that may have an injury or are in need of assistance, we do have a stair climber.

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